Everything You Should Know About Gum Recession

As a dentist in Guelph, our team handles a wide variety of cases – including the occasional patient who comes to us claiming that their teeth seem to be growing larger. Of course, this isn’t actually the case – adult teeth simply do not grow. What it means is that they are suffering from gum recession.

Gum recession is exactly what it sounds like – the gums recede and, in the process, expose the root of the tooth. However, this isn’t merely an aesthetic issue.  Receded gums can lead to a number of other dental issues, as well as increasing the likelihood of oral disease.

Here’s how gum recession typically happens, and how it can potentially be avoided or corrected for by a dentist in Guelph.

The Four Most Common Causes of Gum Recession

  1. Brushing and flossing too hard

There really is too much of a good thing, when it comes to brushing and flossing. If a patient has been over-aggressive in their brushing and flossing, they can do damage to their gums and cause gum recession through tissue damage.  Always remember to be gentle, or better yet, use an electric toothbrush such as the Phillips Sonicare.

  1. Clenching/Grinding

Clenching and grinding of your teeth is often a nighttime habit that we do subconsciously. The long-term effect of clenching and/or grinding your teeth causes gum recession. If caught early enough, faithful wearing of a custom made night-guard can decrease the progression of gum recession.

  1. Poor tooth positioning

When adult teeth appear, they are supposed to erupt from the center of the tooth housing, where they will have optimal gum coverage.  This does not always happen, and if the tooth erupts at an odd angle, it will often lack proper gums. Orthodontic correction can often fix this, and encourage gum regrowth, particularly if caught at a young age.

  1. Gum disease

Gum disease is by far the most common cause of receded gums. If plaque buildup around the teeth becomes infected, it can result in gums receding. The best way to prevent this is to see your dentist in Guelph regularly for checkups! With regular teeth cleaning, the chances of harmful gum disease are far lower.

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