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If you’re missing several teeth or have several failing teeth, you may feel like your dental options are limited. Bridges and dentures are the traditional options, but they are difficult to deal with and usually require significant lifestyle changes. Dental implants can be a good option for some, but traditional implants can require months to be put in place and may require long recovery periods.

However, we’re proud to announce that there’s now a new way to get dental implants in Guelph – “All On” implant systems!  If you need a new set of teeth, All On may be exactly what you want.

What Are All on Implant Systems?

All On 4 and All On 6 are procedures which can give you a new mouth in about a day. You get the stability of traditional implants, without most of the unpleasantness associated with them.

How do All On implants work?  They actually combine elements of implants and dentures – but as a “best of both worlds” solution.  Your dentist adds a few implants to your mouth – either four or six – which are then used as the support structure for a full set of denture-style plates. However, unlike traditional dentures, they are not removable. They’re permanent additions to your mouth and will function just like your regular teeth.

The procedure itself is still surgical in nature and is done under anesthetic. In some cases, the patient is fully put to sleep. If so, you will be advised of this beforehand, and you will need to avoid food and drink for roughly 12 hours before your procedure.

Recovery is much faster as well. Recovery from traditional implants takes months. Recovery from All On implants only takes a few weeks.

Furthermore, All On implants are a great value. They are far less expensive than a mouth full of implants, which was another reason some people avoided getting implants. It really is the simplest solution yet invented to rebuild the mouths of people missing many teeth, while allowing them to quickly return to their regular lifestyle.

If You Need Dental Implants in Guelph, Visit Dr. Mistry Dentistry

We are proud to bring the latest and greatest dental techniques to Guelph, allowing even those with significant tooth loss to regain a great smile. Not everyone is a good candidate for All On implants, so to learn more, contact our team today!

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