Four Major Reasons to Consider A Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant procedure may be the best solution for you if you have missing teeth. Having missing teeth is more common than you might think. The vast majority of people in North America will lose at least one tooth over the course of their lives. Of course, just because it’s common doesn’t mean you have to accept having missing teeth. Dental implants in Guelph allow you to replace those missing teeth with highly realistic replacements.

Dental implants do require surgery, along with some recovery time, and that can sometimes make people nervous about getting implants. However, the excellent long-term outcomes make it easily worth the trouble. Simply put, implants are the best option for replacing teeth, for a variety of reasons.

Four Reasons Why Dental Implants in Guelph Are the Best Solution to Missing Teeth

  • An extremely high rate of success

Dental implant surgery is meticulously planned out beforehand, and the surgery itself is well-understood. Success rates average around 98%, which is excellent for any sort of surgical procedure.  The vast likelihood is that your surgery will go smoothly.

  • No Damage to Adjacent Teeth

A single missing tooth was often replaced with a dental bridge in the past, which involves grinding down the adjacent teeth. The placement of a dental implant avoids the unnecessary removal of tooth structure and makes flossing and hygiene much less complicated.

  • Indistinguishable from real teeth

Your dentist will fashion false teeth designed to match the rest of your mouth. That means, once the implantation process is concluded, you’ll have a false tooth that looks and acts exactly like a real one.  There’s no embarrassment – people you meet won’t have any idea you have falsies!


  • Implants act exactly like real teeth

In terms of eating, talking, and everything else you do with your teeth, an implant is just as good as the real thing. (Although it feels slightly different.)  The adjustment period is extremely short, and you don’t have to make any lifestyle changes as you would have to with bridges or dentures.

Turn to Dr. Mistry Dentistry for Excellent Tooth Replacement Options

If you’re missing teeth, we want to help!  We have extensive experience replacing teeth, or even entire mouths. Contact us to learn more or schedule your initial checkup and consultation!

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