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Pinhole Gum Surgery in Guelph offers an excellent solution for patients with receeded gums. In the past, if someone was suffering from receded gums, there weren’t many options for improving their smile. The main option was a gum graft, which involved literally grafting skin from another part of the mouth (usually the roof) onto the gums to the affected area.

Unfortunately, this procedure causes quite a bit of post-operative discomfort and therefore many patients opt to not have this treatment.

Now there’s a new option for gum surgery in Guelph called the Pinhole Surgical Technique. It has an advantage over the older method in nearly every way and makes gum restoration a viable option for far more patients. Let’s look at why.

Four Reasons to Choose Pinhole Gum Surgery

1 – It’s much less invasive.

As you can imagine, physically grafting skin onto the gums is a very invasive procedure and involves a significant healing period.  The pinhole technique offers a much easier alternative. Pinholes are created in the gum tissue (while under anesthesia) and specialized instruments are used to release the tissue from its attachment. The released tissue can then be physically manipulated to cover more of your teeth, without adding or removing any existing skin.

2 – It’s subjectively less painful.

The conventional method of gum grafts subjectively cause a greater amount of post-operative discomfort, compared to the Pinhole surgical technqiue. Pinhole gum surgery in our dental office, on the other hand, involves only minor pain. Our patients only rate it as around a 2 or 3 on a 1-10 pain scale, and that goes away after a couple days.

3 – Recovery is shorter and easier.

Old-style gum grafts involved numerous stitches on the gums as well as wherever the grafted skin was taken from. This meant up to a month of painful recovery, and limited dietary options as well. The pinhole technique is entirely healed up within a few days, with minimal inconvenience. No incisions are made or stitches used.

4 – Many teeth can be treated at once

The procedure of Pinhole surgery involves releasing the tissue above 5 teeth; therefore, many areas of recession can be addressed at the same time. In many situations, the entire upper or lower arch is treated at once.

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