For those who feel they have an excessively “toothy” smile or have been aggresive tooth brushers that have caused their gums to recede, one possible solution is the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Unfortunately, for a long time gum grafts were difficult and quite painful, so it they were rarely performed unless there was a pressing need.

Now, there’s a new option in Guelph: Pinhole gum grafts. In fact, even that name is a misnomer – there’s no actual grafting involved. It’s created a great new option for people with receded gums, and our Dr. Mistry Dentistry team gets a lot of questions about it.  So today we’ll quickly address the most common questions.

3 Quick FAQs About Pinhole Gum Grafts

1 – What is a pinhole gum graft?

Rather than literally grafting on a new skin, the Pinhole Surgical  Technique uses thin needles to reach underneath the gum, then releases the tissue from the underlying support. Collagen is then used to stabilize the tissues at their new level.

2 – Do pinhole gum grafts hurt?

A local anesthetic is used during the procedure to numb the surgical area. Most of our patients report the pain as being around a 2 or 3, on a 1-10 scale, for the first couple days.  Within a week, the pain is gone completely.

3 – Do I need to take time off work?

Depending on how much gum work needs to be done, you could be in the chair for a couple hours. We recommend having the remainder of the day and the following day off of work. If your job involves a lot of physical exertion, further time may be needed.

4 – Will it be covered by my insurance?

This is hard to answer without knowing your specific policy. However, on average, our patients’ insurance generally covers around 50-75% of the procedure.

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