Periodontal Disease Treatment

Are you currently looking for periodontal disease treatment in Guelph? Periodontal disease – affecting the areas around teeth (the gums and bone) – is one of the most common forms of oral health problems in the world. According to the Canadian Dental Association, seven out of ten Canadians will develop some form of periodontal disease at some time in their lives.

If the gums or surrounding tissue have become infected, it’s important to seek periodontal disease treatment as soon as possible. Untreated gum disease can lead to greater health issues, including tooth infections and jaw infections. However, when treated early and properly, they pose no long-term risk.

What Kinds of Periodontal Disease Treatment Is Available?

A periodontal specialist has many options for treating gum and jaw disease, depending on the circumstances. These can include:

Non-Surgical Solutions: In most cases, mild-to-moderate gum disease can be treated with the intensive cleaning of the infected area as well as the possible application of antibiotics and other medicines. This is the preferred course of action, whenever possible.

Gum Graft Surgery: When a patient has receded gums which are prone to infection, gum graft surgery can restore the gumline to its proper place. This promotes better oral health, as well as looking better.

Dental Crown Lengthening:  Crown lengthening corrects the opposite problem – when the gum-line is too low and makes the teeth appear small. This can also prevent some forms of periodontal disease.

Bone Regeneration: When the periodontal disease has advanced far enough to damage the jawbone, regenerative processes can graft new bone into the jaw and encourage natural healing.

Pocket Reduction: As a person ages, gaps will begin to form between their teeth, gum, and/or bones. This is usually out of sight, but these pockets can collect large amounts of plaque or other infectious material. Pocket reduction will reduce the depth of these gaps, resulting in healthier gums.

Implants: Finally, if the periodontal disease has progressed too far to save the natural tooth, implants may be necessary for restoring the mouth’s natural look.

Thinking About Periodontal Disease Treatment?

Dr. Mistry Dentistry is treats all forms of periodontal disease. Don’t wait for the infection to spread – contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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