Dental veneers in Guelph have done a great job of giving patients confidence in their smile. Not only do veneers reshape broken teeth, camouflage cavities, discoloration, or stains they can also be used to improve the look of healthy teeth. On occasion, some people would like to remove previous dental work to cater to their natural smile, to get new dental work, or replace their current dental procedure. The following blog discusses what veneers are and if they can be removed.

What Are Dental Veneers in Guelph? 

Dental veneers in Guelph usually include porcelain or composite resin material placed over the teeth. Patients are first given a dental assessment to check the condition of their teeth and gums to determine if they’re a candidate for veneers. An impression of the tooth/teeth are made to fit the right veneer size/shape for their unique smile (a part of the front and side of the natural tooth is removed to make room for veneers). Finally, custom made veneers are placed on the teeth with very little discomfort and less recovery time than other common dental procedures.

Can Dental Veneers Be Removed? 

If you have dental veneers in Guelph, there’s a chance you would like to have them removed, but you’re not sure if that’s possible. Ironically, veneers are made with porcelain as a permanent dental solution and their strength and durability are why veneers are not meant to be removed. Veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth. If maintained properly, veneers can last 12 to 25 years. Your cosmetic dentist may have a particular way to remove dental veneers, but dentists can remove them with a laser to avoid removing any more of the tooth structure.

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