When someone is looking for a dentist in Guelph, they have plenty of options. Dentistry is a highly popular field of medicine and practice, attracting new dentists every year.  Of course, not all dentists are the same, and some may not even be entirely suited to the field.  

Being a good dentist in Guelph is about more than someone’s skill with a drill.  There are a lot of factors that make a dentist great, and you should look for them when choosing between dental clinics.

Four Attributes of a Truly Great Dentist

1. They’re a real “people person.”

There are few medical practices where the doctor’s “bedside manner” is more important than in dentistry.  Great dentists can listen closely to patients, empathize with their problems, and ease any fears or concerns they may have.  They should also be able to talk at length about their procedures and techniques.  

A dentist who lacks interpersonal skills will struggle to connect with patients and be unable to truly understand your needs.

2. They love to learn.

Dentistry is an exciting, constantly developing field.  New techniques and technology emerge every year, and they lead to better patient experiences and superior long-term outcomes.  A great dentist must be dedicated to ongoing education, reading the professional journals and attending conferences and courses, so they can constantly deliver the best in modern dentistry to their patients.

3. They’re trustworthy.

Let’s be honest…the dental chair is not everyone’s favourite place. It’s a huge invasion of your personal space and many people have had poor experiences in the past. All these things make it important to choose a dentist with whom you feel comfortable and trust. These are difficult factors to fake; so the first time you meet your dentist, you should be able to gauge your level of comfort and trust in him/her.

A great dentist is always fully up-front about both the benefits and the risks of any procedure they’re discussing with patients.  

4. They are creative, with strong problem-solving skills.

Every patient is different, every mouth is different, and every tooth is different.  There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” dentistry.  A dentist is going to run into a lot of unique and unusual situations over the course of their practice.  The best will have a lot of creativity and adaptability, so they can deal with each problem as it comes.

Here at Dr. Mistry Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our dedication to great dentistry and patient outcomes.  Contact us today to learn more!

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