Hollywood Celebrities Transform Their Smiles With Veneers & So Can You!

Dental veneers are one of the most popular options for completely reshaping a mouth which is why the number of celebrities with veneers keeps increasing every year, particularly among Hollywood celebrities and other A-listers. Have you ever been watching old movies, and noticed that an actor’s smile seems to have totally changed between two films?  They probably got porcelain veneers.

Despite this popularity, dental veneers tend to be a misunderstood form of cosmetic dentistry.  There are a lot of myths and misinformation about veneers out there, which our Dr. Mistry Dentistry team wanted to address. Here are a few things you must discount if you want perfect teeth like celebrities.

How Dental Veneers Can Get You That Celebrity Smile

They don’t look fake

Some people think that porcelain veneers are “too square” or “blindingly white.”  In truth, this isn’t about the procedure, it’s about the dentist. Poorly-made veneers can look fake, but when they’re crafted by a great cosmetic dentist, they’ll be indistinguishable from real teeth and make it possible for you to get perfect teeth like celebrities.

They are not just cosmetic

The popularity of dental veneers among celebrities makes it understandable why people think this is just cosmetic, but veneers can also patch up teeth or help reposition the bite.  In addition, veneers can potentially be used as an alternative to braces, which can be extremely attractive to adults who want to avoid metal work.  By reshaping the teeth manually, painful orthodontic adjustment can be avoided. They can have legitimate health benefits, along with giving you a smile fit for the stars.

They don’t involve massive filing

Decades ago, like in the 80s, veneers required filing down the teeth to make room for the overlay – making them an irreversible procedure.  Today’s porcelain veneers can be created as thin as .3mm, meaning very little change has to be made to your teeth before the veneers can be applied to give you that celebrity smile.

They are not painful

As with most modern dental techniques, there is little or no pain when veneers are being applied.  You’ll be given the appropriate amount of anaesthetics.  There may be some mild discomfort or sensitivity for a few days after application, but it’s easily managed with our detailed post operative instructions.

Are you looking into dental veneers in Guelph and wondering how to get perfect teeth like celebrities? Doctor Mistry Dentistry has extensive experience; just contact us to learn more!

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