Your Top 10 Guelph Denture Questions Answered

Dr. Mistry Dentistry offers Guelph dentures to help you alliviate missing teeth. Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are custom-designed to replace lost or removed teeth. Dentures can be used to replace a few teeth or all teeth. If you’re thinking of dentures, Dr. Mistry Dentistry offers numerous solutions for lost teeth.

Many questions may pop up in a person’s mind before and after getting dentures. Here are the top ten questions about dentures answered.

  1.  Are Dentures Comfortable?

When made correctly and provided there is a sufficient amount of bone available, dentures can be worn with great comfort. Many of our denture patients have implant-retained dentures. The dentures clip onto implants which are fixed in the bone. This gives the patient a greater level of comfort and function and is quite affordable.

  1. Do Dentures Look Like Natural Teeth?

Yes. At Dr. Mistry Dentistry we go through a series of steps to ensure that you are receiving a denture that matches your face and jaw structure. Variables such as tooth size, shape and of course shade are customized for each patient, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

  1. Are Dentures Supposed To Move?

No. If your dentures are moving, it is time to see your dentist. It is possible that you are due for a reline of your dentures. In many cases, the placement of 2 to 4 implants can significantly improve the retention of your dentures and allow you to denture your favourite foods again.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures?

Since dentures are unique to the individual, the process may take some time. If you get full dentures, the process can take anywhere between four and six weeks and a minimum of four visits to the dentist.

  1. Why Remove Dentures At Night?

It is recommended to remove dentures before going to sleep for two main reasons. One, dentures create pressure on your gums the whole day, and removing them at night relieves this pressure and allows complete blood flow to these tissues. The second reason is that, while you sleep, your salivary flow significantly decreases, therefore sleeping in your dentures makes them a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria that can harm your oral health. Dentures should be removed at night, cleaned, and stored correctly.

  1. Why Do My Dentures Smell?

When you wear your dentures all the time, food particles and the natural bacteria in your mouth cause a layer of plaque to form around the acrylic and artificial teeth. This can result in bad breath.

  1. How Do I Clean My Dentures?

You must clean your dentures DAILY to avoid the buildup of food and bacteria. At the end of every day, soak your dentures in water with a denture cleaning tablet, then brush them with a specialized denture brush.

  1. What Do I Do If My Dentures Hurt?

You should call and arrange a visit to see your dentist. Dentures should not causes discomfort and trying to “tough it out” can cause a sore or ulceration which will make it even more difficult to wear your dentures.

Dentures in Guelph are offered by most dental practices at affordable pricing – including us. Book a Free Meet And Greet with us to see if we’re the right fit for your needs (pun intended). Start the journey towards better oral health with us today!

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