Understanding Single-Tooth Dental Implants In Guelph

People tend to think of dental implants as being a solution when many teeth are missing, but there are actually many situations where single-tooth dental implants in Guelph are the best overall solution. This comes up more often than you might realize!

In fact, the vast majority of adults will lose at least one tooth by the time they hit retirement age. That’s not just a cosmetic issue – missing teeth can have a larger impact on your dental health.

If someone is missing at least one tooth, this can lead to:

  • Higher chances of losing other teeth
  • Receded gums
  • Changes in jaw structure
  • Possibility of gum disease on surrounding teeth
  • Extra wear on nearby teeth
  • Uneven bites

In the majority of situations, the treatment options for a missing tooth come down to either a dental implant or a bridge.

Why Dental Implant Restoration for Single Teeth Is A Good Idea

The reason implants work so well is that they are the closest thing to a natural tooth which dentists can offer. When placed and restored correctly, they provide a long lasting and cosmetic solution to a lost tooth. People with an implant won’t have the same issues with other teeth moving in their mouth or changes to their jawbone.

A dental implant begins with a titanium screw being surgically implanted in the patient’s bone, where the natural tooth has been lost. On the top of this implant is an attachment point, which will hold the false tooth in place. After the implant is placed and a sufficient healing time has passed (usually 3-4 months) a custom-made crown is attached to the implant.

When having a bridge placed, the adjacent teeth need to “ground down”; therefore, bridges cause a lot of natural tooth structure to be lost. Furthermore, the placement of a bridge results in additional teeth being involved in the solution; therefore, if/when the bridge fails in the future, you now have to deal with additional missing/damaged teeth.

Dr. Mistry Dentistry Provides Superior Dental Implant Restoration

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, don’t delay – the situation will only get worse. Our Dr. Mistry Dentistry team is here for all your dental and oral needs. Contact us for a tooth loss consultation!

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