How Cosmetic Dentistry in Guelph Can Bring You A New Smile

With modern cosmetic dentistry, you have more ways to improve your smile than ever before. Whether the problems are minor or major, cosmetic dentistry services in Guelph include many ways of restoring your mouth – or even making it look better than it ever has.

Depending on your situation, you have plenty of options. Here’s a quick guide to the most common cosmetic dental solutions we provide.

Understanding Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Guelph

1- Veneers

Veneers are an extremely commonplace and natural looking way to correct for mild-to-moderate problems with existing teeth. Like the name implies, veneers are overlays – made of porcelain – which are bonded directly to your existing teeth after a minimal amount of preparation is done to your teeth. This can fix issues such as cracks, chips, misalignments, discolouration or gaps in your teeth.

2- Crowns and Bridges

When someone is missing one or more individual teeth, crowns or bridges are a good option. Crowns are caps which are fitted onto prepared teeth – or implants – while bridges include a false tooth which is anchored onto natural teeth on either side. Both can quickly replace lost teeth without surgery.

3- Implants

When there are missing teeth or teeth which require removal, dental implants are a fantastic option for replacement. A dental implant is a titanium “screw” which is placed in the bone; it replaces the root of the tooth. After a healing period, a crown is custom fitted to the implant to give a cosmetic and functional tooth replacement.

4- Whitening

By far the easiest option in cosmetic dentistry, whitening can be done at home and usually takes less than an hour. We can erase years of staining which has accumulated from smoking, drinking, coffee, and just general day-to-day use. It’s a simple and effective way to improve the color of your teeth.

5- Dentures

If many teeth are missing or severely damaged, implant supported dentures are a great way to restore aesthetics and function. In many situations, patients may qualify for “teeth-in-a-day”; which is a treatment where the implants are placed and on the same day, a denture is screwed into the implants – providing and comfortable, functional and cosmetic result.

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No matter your dental issues, we’re here to help! Contact us to schedule a consultation on your cosmetic dental options.

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